Hillary Clinton, IP Attorney

One little-remarked aspect of the current presidential election is that Hillary Clinton may be the first IP lawyer to be elected President of the United States.  This aspect of her biography isn’t generally discussed, but sources indicate that her practice during her 18 years at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas was focused on intellectual property law.

This is borne out in the reported cases where Secretary Clinton served as counsel.  Of the five cases where she is listed as counsel of record in the written decision, three concern trademark law (the other two are contract disputes).  Interestingly, trademark law is the only major area of intellectual property not discussed in her Initiative on Technology & Innovation.

Discussion of the three cases follows after the jump.

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Hello world!

What’s a new blog without a Hello world! post, no?  Over the past few years I’ve had more and more things I wanted to share that didn’t fit into the right format for either a social media posting or a full law review type piece.  My goal here is to have a forum for sharing this stuff with the world.  Generally expect a lot of interesting archival material regarding intellectual property law, and various sundry other things I find interesting.